Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to School TpT 2+1 Blog Hop

It's almost here.  I know I'm showing my age here, but I feel like the lady in that old Mervyn's commercial....face and hands up against the glass of the store saying, "" while waiting for their big sale.  I am so excited about this year's TpT's Back to School Sale.  I have so many items I've been accumulating on my wish list, just waiting for this sale.  Another bonus, as a new blogger and TpT store owner, I actually have things in my shop that people have wish listed!  I am so pumped, and still in a little awe that people actually want to buy my stuff.  I love my stuff, and I put my heart into the things I make, but you know, when it comes to other people liking my stuff, I second guess myself. Isn't it nice to have the affirmation when someone wishes for or purchases something you've created?

I am linking up with 2+1=BTS13 to share some wish items.  I can't wait to see what everyone in the link has up.  You get to share the top 2 wish listed items in your store.  Then you get to share 1 of your personal wish listed items.

Equation Station is my most wished for item.  It is one of my favorite activities in my classroom.  It's like Boggle, but with math equations.  Students search for equations, and record them.  My student's LOVE this activity, and are always busy looking for equations any time they can.  It is for sale in my TpT store for $4.50, but will be on sale for 20% off.  

My second most wish listed item is Reading Large Numbers on Place Value Lane.  It is a hands on activity where students drive their car down "Place Value Lane" and read the numbers in three digit houses at a time.  This is a wonderful small group activity for those kids who need a little extra practice reading large numbers.  I have this activity in the second week of lesson plans!  It is in my TpT store for $3.50 and will also be 20% off.
I REALLY wish I had a better picture of this, but this is the best I could get.  Create, Teach, Share has some wonderful Interactive Math Notebooks.  The one I am definitely getting is 3rd Grade Interactive Math Notebook NBT & NF.  It is just what I need to start the year off.  

The sale is here!  It's time to link up your 2 most wish listed items and 1 item you can't wait to buy!  Happy shopping!