Saturday, August 11, 2012

Procrastinate Now and a Freebie

Hmmm.  I really could really procrastinate one more day, but nope, I'm ready to get back to business.  I finally got up to my classroom and started putting things back into place and trying to find the surfaces of the counter. This is what I saw when I went in.....

Yeah, I was a little overwhelmed when I walked in the room, but I am so excited to get everything ready for the new year.  The biggest road block of the day?  I am going to have to redo some of the labels on my teacher's toolbox.  Some of the supplies didn't fit the way I had expected.  I mean, seriously, I could only fit two lipsticks in that cubbie!!!

I wanted to share something that helps me to stay a bit more organized. I teach Math and Science and my partner teacher teaches Reading/ELA.  That means I teach my lessons twice a day to two different homerooms, so I gave each class their own color to help me keep them organized.  Green means my homeroom and my partner's homeroom is blue.  We have another team of two teachers and their colors are orange and pink.  I keep class checklists ready that are color coded to my two groups.  I use them for EVERYTHING!!!  I check off when they bring report cards back, turn in field trip money, or parent permission slips. 

I also use them for student assignment organization.  I assign each student a number and they put their number at the top right corner of their paper with the initial of their homeroom teacher in front.  So the # 4 student in my homeroom would have a G4 and the # 4  student in my partner's homeroom would have H4 in their corner.  After the kids have turned in their papers  (to the class trays that are color coded with green and blue) I put the papers in number order.  I can then easily check them off on the check list to see if I am missing any papers.  Then I clip the checklist and the papers together, with a color coded clip of course. :)  I love this system.  I can tell at a glance which stack belongs to which homeroom, and who owes me an assignment.  I will then put that kiddo's name on my make-up work board with, you guessed it, color coded expo.  I'm sharing the check off
list word document with you. It was easy to make and you could do it in a snap but I hope this helps you out.  I think I saved it so it is editable Word document.  If not, let me know.  This is my first attempt to upload and link to google documents.

                                                      Cross you fingers and....

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Tomorrow, I'll share my containers for the pop-cycle sticks I use to call on students.



  1. Amy,

    Did you spray paint your teacher's toolbox? If so, how'd that go? I have heard too many stories about drips and runs. Any advice?

    1. Hi Lori. Yes I did. I used Valspar spray paint for plastic. The color was Satin Apple #68122. It went really well. I put on three light coats, (I really had to restrain myself because I'm always tempted to put it on thick to see quick results!) and only had a couple of small runs. They really don't show and don't bother me at all. I love the way it turned out. Thanks so much for visiting my blog!! Amy